About Me


Pete is a seasoned software developer who has experience working with start-ups, agencies and clients of all shapes and sizes.

They’ve built hypermedia APIs which powered interactive art installations, content management systems for media companies, video players for film production companies, installations for Hollywood movie premiers, secure messaging applications, front-ends for life insurance companies, an Android application using a Lisp and, on a good day, can exlpain monads without referencing Latin American cuisine.

Pete runs a small consultancy (DBA Peter Doherty) and his client list includes:

Pete is passionate about FLOSS and has been using GNU/Linux since 2007.

They’ve contributed, in one way or another, to a number of FLOSS projects including:


Pete is a devoted spouse and parent of two furry creatures. He spends his free time hanging out with family and friends, playing Tetris and riding one of his (too) many bicycles.